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Social Media Usage On The Rise

In Great Britain, adults spend almost 8 hours a day consuming media. According to IPA TouchPoints 2017, (which reveals how British people spend their time and their usage of communication channels and devices), adults spend 7 hours and 56 minutes a day consuming media.

This 9% increase on 2016 and 13% rise from 2015, clearly demonstrates that adult consumption of media is on the rise and consequently opens up more possibilities to utilise this when thinking about your ad campaigns.

However the data also shows that adults spend approximately 2 hours and 7 minutes a day media-multitasking. As a result its now more important than ever to create something that is both eye catching and capable of getting across your business message in a short space of time.

Having this data is essential if you are hitting a specific market.

For example 54% of the Great British population watch video between 9-10pm on an average night.

So you know that targeting around these key times will hit not only a wide market, but also one with spending power.

Millennials make up 39% of Netflix viewership and when it comes to platforms like this advertising is almost impossible to penetrate, but by having this data you are able to pre-empt potential dips in younger viewership.

IPA President and CEO of CHI & Partners, Sarah Golding comments that the:

…latest TouchPoints 2017 data proves, unequivocally, that our media consumption patterns are continuing to grow and fragment as technology, new platforms and media channels are delivering an ever wider choice of content available to us on a 24/7 basis… as such, this data is invaluable in helping our industry to recognise the most appropriate ways to approach consumers-one that improves lives rather than interrupts.

Nowadays companies need to ensure they regularly monitor the pulse of change in the media industry, but this can prove difficult with so many other daily concerns for a business to contend with. Therefore having someone available who ensures you are staying ahead of the curve and up to date is an essential and invaluable asset. Connect with 23 Media Audits today to discover if you’re engaging with your target market in the best way possible.

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