8/02/2019 2:48 PM | by Freya Leslie in Blog

In-App Advertising, Why Aren’t You Using It Yet?

The mobile game Candy crush boasts that its users’ ‘swipe’ the equivalent of two and a half times distance around the world every day, and is a prime example of a free app using adverts to reward its users.

In offering an incentive to watch adverts, it’s no wonder that in-app advertising is developing into a popular and effective tool for advertisers.

In-app advertising is one of the fastest growing marketing tools and consequently it isn’t just perusing social media that takes up users’ time. The result is higher click-through rates when compared with web advertising because you cannot skip the advert.

According to Medialets, the click-through rate for apps is 0.58% in contrast to only 0.23% for mobile web. An additional study showed that in-apps perform 11.4 times better than normal banner ads, ably demonstrating why in-app ads are often superior.

In-app advertising is also an amazing business tool, enabling you to target certain markets more effectively.

When advertisers market within apps they get a very specific view of their target market due to an ability to pull direct demographic and geo-location data. As a result, there is increased potential for the audience to be closely aligned to both marketing and advertising efforts and ultimately achieve the most value for their campaign.

By offering an interactive option for your app, and by it being displayed in the context of the app, the user is more likely to get involved and acknowledge the product being sold.

Currently in-app advertising is a tool that marketers are not using to their full advantage. It offers endless opportunities for advertisers to move away from using ineffective and generalised adverts in an attempt to fish for clicks or impressions and instead allows them to focus on their message and ideal audience for their advertising efforts.

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